The Bors demonstration site

map of Bors

The Bors demonstration site is situated about 6 km northwest to Oradea. The geothermal reservoir is completely different from the Oradea reservoir, although both are located in fissured carbonate formations. The Bors reservoir is a tectonically closed aquifer, with a small surface area of 12 km2. The geothermal water has about 13 g/l TDS, 5 Nm3/m3 GWR and a high scaling potential. The dissolved gasses are 70% CO2 and 30% CH4. The reservoir temperature is higher than 130°C at the average depth of 2.500 m, and the wellhead temperature is about 120°C. There are 5 wells drilled in the Bors reservoir, of which 3 were used to produce a total flow rate of up to 30 l/s, and the other 2 for reinjection, at a pressure that did not exceed 6 bars.

The artesian production of the wells can only be maintained by reinjecting the whole amount of extracted geothermal water, plus additional cold water from a couple of shallower wells. The geothermal water was used about 10 years for heating 12 ha of greenhouses located in the vicinity. The dissolved gasses were partially separated at 7 bars, which was the operating pressure, and then the fluid was passed through heat exchangers before being reinjected. Down-hole anti-scaling chemical inhibition in the production wells was still needed to prevent calcite scaling, even if most of the CO2 was kept in solution.

At present, the exploitation licence (long term concession) belongs to Transgex S.A., basically a drilling company privatised in 2000, which now has the exploration or exploitation licences for all geothermal reservoirs in the Bihor County. Transgex S.A. is a small size company located in Oradea, its main activities being drilling, exploration and exploitation of geothermal resources.

Since the current heat load in the Bors area is now becoming downsized, Transgex S.A. is looking for new consumers. The current artesian production could be increased to 30 l/sec/well with pumping. The geothermal energy can be used to supply heat to a nearby hotel, the Bors Customs and to two villages (Bors and Santion), or to the newly retrofitted greenhouses in the vicinity. An industrial park is also planned to be developed in the area. The exploitation licence concession, issued by the Romanian Agency for Mineral Resources to Transgex S.A., is 746/1999, and it is valid for the years 1999-2018.