Final Meeting August 2009

The Low Bin project (supported by the EC-FP6) inaugurated a research geothermal electricity plant in Simbach-Braunau in Austria .
The Italian leading turbines manufacturer Turboden developed a binary Geothermal ORC system enabling the exploitation of one of the world lowest temperature geothermal reservoirs (80C !) never reached to produce electricity !

The Simbach Braunau demonstration site is located within the Upper Austrian Molasse Basin. The injection and production wells reach a final depth of 1850m and 1970m respectively. Production temperature amounts at 80C approximately, and the corresponding flow rate is 35 lt/s artesian and 75 lt/s by pumping.
Local district heating scheme has a total length of 30 km and serves 750 consumers or 5000 households. Installed thermal power amounts at 35 MW, 9,3 MW of which correspond to geothermal heat delivered at 80C and reinjected at 50C.


The Low-Bin project website is online

On you can now find all the info about the project, the partners and the demo plants currently under developement. The website follows strictly the most advanced technological web standards and is highly accessible to disabled users, according to the most recent laws in Europe.